Beating the Sicilian (John Nunn) 1st Edition

Beating the Sicilian (John Nunn) 1st Edition
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The Sicilian defence is the most popular opening at club level and the great mass of theory is a daunting prospect for the tournament player having to face it. This book seeks to offer a complete repertoire against every variation of the defence, together with an alternative line for White where the recommended move leads to particularly sharp play. Thus, players of different styles should be able to face the Sicilian with confidence. By basing the material on 31 key selected games, the author develops an understanding of the attacking plans for White and the importance of different move orders. Grandmaster John Nunn is a member of the English Olympiad team. He is author of "The Benoni for the Tournament Player" and co-author of "Sicilian Defence: Najdorf Variation".

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