Nunn's Chess Openings

Nunn's Chess Openings
PDF - English - 545 Pages - 37.2 MB


Nunn's Chess Openings is the chess-player's new bible. This single volume covers all chess openings in detail and will enable every chess-player, right up to grandmaster standard, to play the opening with confidence. As World Champion Garry Kasparov once said in an interview, 'A really good opening survey should be written by a team of experts.' Nunn's Chess Openings is indeed written by a team of experts: four players who are acclaimed as outstanding chess writers and experts in their fields. The team's collective knowledge and experience embrace all openings, so each section of Nunn's Chess Opeings provides the sort of insider knowledge that will give you the edge on your opponents. This ultimate survival guide to the chess openings is up-to-date and comprehensive, written by four experts under the leadership of John Nunn, contains crystal-clear tables for maximum ease of reference, and is computer-checked for accuracy. John Nunn has been a grandmaster for 20 years and has played for the English National Team from 1974 up to the present day. A the 1984 Chess Olympiad he won three individual gold medals and in 1988-9 finished sixth overall in the World Cup. In recent years he has turned more to writing, establishing a reputation as arguably the worlds' foremost chess author. He has twice won the British Chess Federation Book of the Year Award. Graham Burgess is a highly-regarded chess author. He holds the world record for marathon blitz chess-playing and won the British Chess Federation Book of the Year Award in 1997. John Emms is a leading English grandmaster who tied for first place in the super-strong 1997 British Championship. He is a professional trainer, writer and player. Joe Gallagher is a grandmaster who plays regularly for the Swiss National Team. He has written several highly-regarded opening books.

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